ABDP#7 - Suzy LELIEVRE - Pégairolles-de-Buèges 1
ABDP#7 - Eléna SALAH - Pégaiolles-de-Buèges 1

Aux bords des paysages 2023
« When art becomes part of nature. » 

From July 1 to October 29, 2023, the seventh edition of Aux bords des paysages, initiated by the Communauté de communes du Grand Pic Saint-Loup, honors contemporary art in the region, establishing a dialogue between cultural or natural heritage and artistic creations.

This new edition consolidates the artistic collaboration begun the previous year with Natura 2000, town halls and local residents, and adds new partners: the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole École Supérieure des Beaux-arts and the winegrowers of Causse-de-la-Selle and Saint-Jean-de-Buèges.

She is continuing her cultural mediation work with Jeanne Bourrat, visual and graphic artist, with three local schools. She renews the praise for an exceptional landscape through in situ artistic creations that link art and nature, art and heritage, art and wine.

This contemporary art event, in the heart of a country open to the celebration of its natural and cultural heritage, unfurls an itinerary punctuated by eco-responsible works,
created with materials that have no impact on the ecosystem and are recyclable. It invites us - residents, visitors and artists alike - to be sensitive and attentive to the visible transformations of our environment. It encourages us to take a closer look at the installations that at the same time as encouraging us to reflect on the need to preserve our biotope, which is part of the richness of our territories.

Our wish? May the poetry of the installations and the commitment of the artists encourage us to hope for a world as harmonious as it still exists here, between vineyards and olive groves.
I wish you a wonderful journey through this life-size exhibition, and in any case, a happy stay in this beautiful territory of the Grand Pic Saint-Loup.

Curated by Claire Schneider, director of the association Tisseuse de liens.

Free admission

Curator: Claire Schneider, director of the association Tisseuse de liens.
Free event to discover
Exhibition organized by the Culture - heritage department of the Grand Pic Saint-Loup Community of Municipalities, with the support of its Patrons Club.

Find all the information on the website of the Communauté de Commune du Grand Pic Saint-Loup

ABDP#7 - Marie FEMENIAS - Causse-de-la-Selle 2
  • Être Clairoyant

    Marie Féménias

The village of Causse-de-la-Selle is located on a plateau at the crossroads of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, Saint-Jean-de-buèges and Saint-Martin-de-London, near the classified site of the Gorges de l'Hérault.

Marie Féménias sensitizes us to the fate of the eagle of Bonelli, an emblematic protected species of the region of which there would exist today only 44 couples in France. Accompanied by Thierry Alignan and Emma Lapique, Natura 2000 project managers, and David Lacaze, ornithologist, she questions the territory in its overflows and human constructions.
His work, stacking bird cages topped with a nest, invites us to reflect on the relationship between man and nature. She focuses her attention and reflection on the duality of the cage and the nest and, by extension, on the dissociation between the world of humans and that of non-humans.

  • Location : Causse-de-la-Selle, Place de l'église - GPS : 43°48’14.7’’N 3°38’45.5’’E
Aux Bords des Paysages
ABDP#7 - Elena SALAH - Pégairolles-de-Buèges 3

« Contemporary art in the Grand Pic Saint-Loup. » 

The seventh edition of Aux bords des paysages brings together four artists and a photographer on five sites in the of the Communauté de communes du Grand Pic Saint-Loup.

The 2023 édition

  • Sarments de Vie

    Emmanuelle Fréget

In the shelter of the Roc de Tras Castel, under the protection of its feudal castle, the village of Saint-Jean-de-Buèges captures the imagination of anyone sensitive to the evocation of a gentle way of life, in the shade of its remarkable plane trees, watered by the course of the Garrel river.

«From interiority to the outside»: this resolution guides the journey of Emmanuelle Fréget, that of a humanist photographer. For more than 20 years, she has focused on the quality of the encounter so that her images reproduce or reflect the intensity of a lived moment.
Its exhibition, realized in collaboration with the winegrowers of the domains of Brunet, Mas Coulet and Olivèdes, between Saint-Jean-de-Buèges and Causse-de-la-Selle, offers a stroll from the old forge, in the center of the village, to the castle of Baulx which dominates the village. It testifies to the profession of the vine, the link to the Earth, the sustainability of knowledge within families through intergenerational transmission.

  • Location : Saint-jean-de-Buèges, De la forge au château - GPS 43°49’40.2’’N 3°37’02.7’’E6
ABDP#7 - Marie FEMENIAS - Saint-Jean-de-Buèges 2
  • Ressources

    Suzy Lelièvre

In Pégairolles-de-Buèges, a spring makes you dream with its limpidity and its colors. It's a basin with hues that would have inspired a painter like Monet. An enveloping atmosphere extends the mystery of the spring's underground journey beneath the Causse du Larzac, which no one has yet discovered.

Suzy Lelièvre imagines this underground flow and unfolds her work with a gesture of stretching. It's a path along which the eye follows a movement. The material generates the process. The iridescent appearance of burnt wood, a material that respects the site and is in keeping with the artist's ecological ethic, restores this underground wave to its resurgence. Obeying protocols, the forms assert the gesture born of repetition, a procedural logic that generates a form in tune with the subject. Vibrations, stretching and fluidity highlight the contrast between still abundant water and a Mediterranean climate increasingly marked by drought.
Location : Pégairolles-de-Buèges, Source de la Buèges - GPS : 43°48’47.7’’N 3°35’25.6’’E

ABDP#7 - Suzy LELIEVRE - Pégairolles-de-Buèges 2
  • Les Ondes Silencieuses

    Eléna Salah

From its vantage point overlooking a valley of olive groves and vineyards, near the source of the Buèges river, Pégairolles-de-Buèges is a medieval village of around 60 inhabitants, with a 12th-century chapel and a square keep in the heart of a UNESCO-listed site.

Accompanied by Thierry Alignan, Natura 2000 project manager, Éléna Salah explored the caves and natural cavities of this territory, on the lookout for the fragile and sensitive bats. The artist, for whom photography is light, was able to capture, under different influences or frequencies (ultraviolet or infrared), these animals who prefer the darkness on their limestone walls. His prints on glass plates, a material chosen for ecological reasons, reveal what is usually invisible at first glance: access to an invisible biodiversity, a work carried out with remarkable finesse, great sensitivity and no less care for these light-sensitive animals.
Thanks to the effects of transparency and verticality, the light imprints itself on the ground like stained glass.
Location : Pégairolles-de-Buèges, Place de la liberté - GPS : 43°48’23.1’’N 3°35’14.6’’E

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