Trips and walks

Limestone cliffs, vineyards as far as the eye can see, cool gorges and valleys or villages with character...

Evasion et Balade

Everyone will find a hike to suit their taste along the 14 marked paths and the GR de Pays "Tours in the Grand Pic Saint-Loup".

Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Evasion et Balades

A 6-hour hike over 21 km, with an altitude difference of 590m. Variation of 12 km by the traverse of Passarilla.

Created in 2018 by the Fédération de Randonnée de l'Hérault, this is a beautiful ridge walk for those who like to push themselves. The effort is rewarded by a succession of beautiful panoramas leading to the archaeological site of the Rocher du

An oppidum from which there is an unobstructed view of the wine-growing plain of Claret.
On the way back, you can admire the Patus plots of land, a former agricultural and pastoral area, delimited by their dry stone walls.

You can also visit the cade oil distillery (unique in Europe!) and rediscover the medicinal virtues of this Mediterranean plant.

Taillade Randonnée 3

A 2 hour 40 minute walk accessible to all the family, with a short 1 hour variant through the Jasse wood.

Do you know the pistachio terebinth? It is from its resin that turpentine is made, used by artists to paint with oil. Along this peaceful and winding path, you can smell its characteristic odour.

You will also cross a forest of holm oaks and come across a few flocks: the sheep come to graze to clear the meadows and protect biodiversity.

At the end of the walk, there is a superb 360° viewpoint where the majestic Cévennes mountain range faces the brilliant blue of the
Cévennes faces the brilliant blue of the Mediterranean.



La Crête de la Taillade


La Fontanaride

A 1.5 hour walk with a 54 m difference in altitude through the garrigue.

Strolling souls will appreciate this pretty loop in the shade of the pines. Along this 5.5 km flat walk, you will discover beautiful panoramas over the plain, from the castle of Castries to the sea, then
of Castries to the sea, then a large opening onto the Pic Saint-Loup.

You can meet Camargue horses and choose a variation on the botanical path, where you can breathe in the typical Mediterranean essences of the region.

Evasion et Balades Fontanaride


Le sentier de Sauzet


The right route

From the small path to the GR de pays, choose the route adapted to your level and
your level and fitness, and of course your desires!

The right equipment

There is no fun in discomfort. Good shoes, a rain cape or windbreaker, a cap and a suitable backpack for water and snacks. How about a pair of binoculars for wildlife watching?

The right season

In the mid-season, the temperatures are ideal. In spring, you can enjoy the spectacle of nature waking up.

In autumn, the palette of colours offered by the vegetation is sublime.

The right timing

In summer, avoid the hot hours under the
the blazing sun.

Start early in the morning for an invigorating hike, or at the end of the day to relax.

No unnecessary risks

Don't get lost, injured or dehydrated. Leave with a charged phone, a map and water.

Local guides can also accompany you or organise your route.

And to discover even more walks...

Evasion et Balades Rando Nocturne

A 3-hour walk for the general public, including a 1.5-hour introduction to astronomy. This walk begins at dusk, in the cool of the day.

On paths accessible to all, along naturalist stops, you can listen to the insects and nocturnal birds.

At nightfall, you can have a picnic under the celestial vault, observe the stars with a telescope and discover their secrets with a specialist. You will leave with shooting stars in your eyes.

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