In discovery mode or with the help of professional guides, you can ride down valleys and paths through exceptional panoramas.

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With the help of an electric motor or by the strength of your legs alone, wind your way along the paths of the garrigue through rosemary, cysts and undergrowth of green oaks! Dynamic and fast or a quiet family ride: get on your bikes and let yourself be invited to travel...

Trade in your walking shoes for the all-terrain tyre!

Known for its hiking trails, the Grand Pic Saint-Loup attracts many cyclists who take pleasure in pacing our roads at the weekend. But mountain bikers are not to be outdone, with a formidable terrain, more confidential, but just as exhilarating!

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"So, single-track or trail?"

This is often the question that comes up with our friends when we climb on our mountain bikes to go for a ride around the Pic Saint-Loup. The advantage here is that you can find all types of paths, from the widest to the narrowest, and that in the end, most of the time, you use them all. Our little pleasure: to leave in the cool of the day, when nature awakens and the scents of the garrigue surprise you... and to observe with enchantment the soft morning lights which colour the cliffs of the Hortus or the Pic! 

Under the wheels, the tracks, rather stony or even brittle in places, remind you of the need not to be too distracted when you take speed... not so easy when, under your eyes, these sublime landscapes pass by or when you see in the distance these engarrigués vineyards and their wine estates! (I started this practice after a great Wine-tour on an electric mountain bike offered by Seb Eco Bike / Les cycles du terroir)

For family cycling trips, our department offers an exceptional variety of rides from the seaside to the inland areas.

And the deeper you go into the hinterland, the more you realise that the Grand Pic Saint-Loup is full of secret corners, little treasures that amaze young and old alike and make our outings more enjoyable.

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"Cool, we'll see the big lizards and scorpions again..." 

Accustomed to the iodized air of the sea, the singing of the seagulls and the parades of the flamingos, the little family is happy when we decide to move away from our environment for a while and go for a walk towards the Peak! "Cool, we're going to see the big lizards and the scorpions again..." enthuses my 7 year old son, who remains on the lookout for the little scrubland creatures.

I also feel that he lets his imagination run wild when we come across these strange capitelles, charbonnières or other dolmens at the bend in the road. Leaning behind me on her bike carrier, our 18-month-old daughter lets herself go and observes the nature that surrounds her and the limestone reliefs that she is less used to seeing. The tracks of the green network or the DFCI are rather comfortable and perfectly adapted to our rides.

And when it is too hot or a break is needed, there is always a watering place to cool down or relax, like at the Lac de la Jasse or the one at Cécèles. 

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