Recharge your batteries

Horizon, open spaces, sunsets and moonrises. Only in nature can our bodies fully regenerate. And what if it were in the Grand Pic Saint-Loup?

Se ressourcer - Tetiere

Taking time for oneself away from the hustle and bustle of our usual lives is vital. For the health of the body as well as for the health of the mind. You don't have to go to the other side of the world to disconnect!

Or even to leave for very long. A real break comes from reconnecting with yourself, with time and with nature, with all your senses awake. The Grand Pic Saint-Loup is the ideal place to fully recharge your batteries.

In the early morning, depending on the season, refresh yourself by dipping your feet under the Ravin des Arcs arch: relaxation guaranteed! Follow this with a yoga session on the limestone rocks, and you will be at peace for the rest of the day.

Take time for a quiet meditation in front of the crystal clear water of the Buèges spring. You can also follow the pretty little path that leads to the Puech-des-Mourgues from the Saint-Bauzille-de-Montmel car park for a deep breath facing the Pic Saint-Loup and the Hortus.

Discover a multitude of other sites such as the heights of the Rocher du Causse, with its magnificent panorama. Stroll along the paths of Rouet, listen to nature awaken, or treat yourself to a yoga retreat in a mas or an old sheepfold. Rediscover the pleasure of a horseback ride at sunset: a change of scenery and full of sensations.

Then in the evening, enjoy the end of the day on the terrace of a gîte or guest house facing the sunset, before plunging into a restful sleep, bathed in a precious calm and the singing of night birds.

La source de la Buèges


From its crystalline source, where one comes to picnic in the shade of a plane tree, to the pretty bridge at La Condamine, the Buèges is a river that can be followed along its banks and paths to enjoy the varied landscapes.

Source de la Bueges

Randonnée vers soi


Randonnée Vers soi

Body practices (body awakening, Taoist movements, do-in, foot massage). A reconnection with nature (sensory awakening, listening to nature).
A return to oneself (sophrology, relaxation, mindfulness meditation, conscious walking). Creativity (nature dance, free expression of the body, voice, land art, storytelling, Haiku).

Le Golf du Pic Saint-Loup


Golf du Pic Saint-Loup 2

Technical courses and playful layouts, at the Golf du Pic Saint-Loup in Saint-Gely-du-Fesc all players enjoy themselves, and can even take lessons.

They also enjoy a swimming pool, a restaurant and a magnificent view of the Pic Saint-Loup, in a peaceful and privileged natural setting. Welcome to the club!

Horse yoga


Are you looking for a moment of well-being?

Let yourself be tempted by a purely relaxing moment. Relaxation of the head, relaxation of the body: it's all about being good to yourself, good to others and good to your horse. Yoga session followed by a horse ride.

Parc de Coulondres


Nearby, the Parc de Coulondres, built on a former agricultural estate by the town of Saint-Gély-du-Fesc, offers a cool break alongside sikas, fallow deer and mouflons, which have acclimatised there.

Parc de Coulondres
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