International recognition

Since 2014, the territory of the Grand Pic Saint-Loup has been part of the international network of wine-growing landscapes, also known as the "Fontevraud Charter", an approach of excellence that highlights the splendor of our wine-growing landscapes.

Our spectacular vineyards

The Terres de Garrigues and Pic Saint-Loup destination offers remarkable views of the vineyards and scrubland, strong components of our landscapes. The scrubland, a real reservoir of biodiversity, constitutes a natural protection of this terroir (presence of species that protect against pests of the vine and the stock) and has a direct influence on the aromas of the wines.

But the vineyards have always been linked to other agricultural productions, less present today. This polyculture has shaped the picture before your eyes: we are talking here about a "landscape mosaic" whose central piece remains the vine.

The vineyards of the Grand Pic Saint-Loup, immersed between limestone reliefs and areas of scrubland, benefit from a unique and preserved natural setting, between the Mediterranean coast and the foothills of the Cévennes.

More beautiful the vine...

Régis Domergue -  05

The territory is home to a remarkable site of wild vines, lambrusque, ancestor of all the grape varieties grown in the world. But above all, we use the term “garrigued vines” to characterize our wine-growing landscapes, an expression that best reveals the identity specific to these vineyards which flourish in a preserved, almost intimate setting.

The belvederes at the top of the Pic, the Puech des Mourgues, the Roc des Mates, the Château of Saint-Jean-de-Buèges, etc. offer privileged views of our vineyards from all four corners of the destination. But you can be surprised just as much, and at any time: around a bend, along a footpath, aboard a canoe... everywhere the vine can appear there, unexpectedly, before your eyes!

the soul of our vineyards

The vine has become the engine of the local economy, thus testifying to an independent history forged by pioneers, builders and conquerors.
A story of men and women made up of hard work, built with respect for the land.

Vineyards of men and women, engine of the economy

The vine is more than an integral part of the local economy; it is its driving force. There are few activities that are not economically linked to the vine, notably in the period 1850-1950: The breeding of sheep, the exploitation of wood and forests, glass, verdet, the production of electricity , sericulture… A family business in which everyone participates.

In 1955, it was the recognition of the Vins du Pic Saint-Loup VDQS then in 2016 as PDO Pic Saint-Loup which show the accomplishment of a long-term effort to have the quality of the wines from this terroir recognized and allow thus a gain of notoriety and a beautiful economic development.

Today, running a winery is no longer reserved for men. Our destination proudly has several estates run by women who put quality at the heart of their commitment. The new generations also come to bring a fresh, modern look and ideas and thus energize the farms. Very strong ties around a shared passion for creating surprising cuvées and making themselves known.

Vineyards with an independent spirit

Unlike the majority of vineyards in Occitania, our vineyards have developed away from major roads and waterways. Piedmont vineyards, trade was carried out in the direction of the Causses and the Cévennes.

In the genes of the winegrowers of Terres de Garrigues and Pic Saint-Loup, there is an artisanal approach, including in the sense of quality, as well as an intimate knowledge of the terroirs and a family structure of the holdings due to the small size of certain areas.

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Vineyards in harmony with nature

Occitanie can be proud of being the 1st organic region in France, it alone represents ¼ of French organic farms. The Terres de Garrigues and Pic Saint-Loup destination reflects this willingness of producers to want to work ever more with respect for the land

These environmental values ​​occupy a prominent place among our winegrowers and allow the Vignobles & Découvertes network to forge a real dynamic of sustainable development and organic farming. To date, more than half of our 25 wine estates in the destination are already committed to organic or biodynamic farming and others are well on the way to conversion.

Catalogue des Offres Oenotouristique 2021

93 offres pour découvrir et parcourir le territoire du Grand Pic Saint Loup avec nos partenaires Vignobles & Découvertes

En route pour découvrir nos paysages et nos vignerons...

Pic Saint Louyp Territoire - V&D
Pic Saint Loup - Territoire V&D

Vineyards of conquerors and builders

The farmers cleared, stoned, built and then went to conquer the water to conquer the forests and the scrubland.

The vineyards of the Terres de Garrigues and Pic Saint-Loup destination have now emerged victorious from an economic conquest compared to other activities (pastoralism, sericulture, olive growing, etc.).

This tradition of builder has continued to the present day. A very present heritage that is reflected in the character of the wines.

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